A complete enterprise business management solution that connects your entire firm. End-to-end, scalable technology to give your firm a competitive edge. The highly configurable 3E platform is delivered through a consistent web-based user experience that allows you to easily track and manage activity.
Matter management operations with just one click in an application suite you are already comfortable with – Microsoft® Office. Build smart collaborative workflows, access controls, generate reports and manage customer relations with a interface that is easy to roll-out, configure, and manage.
A comprehensive and customizable application suite that provides financial management, practice management and business intelligence capabilities. Get automated accounting operations, instant access to critical data, and improve client service.
We all know that digital technology is essential to stay competitive in today’s business world. Sadly, the majority of standard CRM systems don’t deliver what they promised.  Business Development Premier changes the way you play and win the game.

Complete Legal Enterprise

Business Management Solutions

Risk Management

More and more firms rely on data that is housed in several different locations, which makes it a priority to effectively manage data and mitigate the risks that come with siloed information.

Client Management

Today’s consumers are demanding more efficiency and individualized industry insight.
We can keep you ahead in the game.

Matter (Case) Management

Matter Management ensures consistent, repeatable matter workflow processes that keep your teams working productively and profitably.

Financial Management

Your firm’s financial system is at the heart of your firm’s business management activities, and an effective financial system is vital to your firm.


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About Emerald

At Emerald we believe that technology is worthwhile only if it assists you in achieving your business objectives! Established in 1999, we have built a proven track record based on impeccable business ethics. We offer enterprise business management solutions that allow law firms, corporate law departments and professional services organisations to administer all the operational aspects of their firms including risk management, client and matter (case) management and financial management.
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Easily administer all the operational aspects of your firm including risk management, client and matter (case) management and financial management.