Elite 3E

A comprehensive suite of integrated finance management.

To survive and prosper in today’s business world, you need industry-leading software that fosters growth and maximizes performance.  3E is an easy to use law practice management solution that streamlines tasks and provides timely and accurate business information.  With 3E, clients can expect superior capabilities including complete mobility, portal technology, and seamless information delivery without compromising security or quality.


3E offers end-to-end, scalable technology to meet the needs of all of your firms’ users and gives your firm a competitive edge. The highly configurable 3E platform is delivered through a consistent Web-based user experience that allows you to easily track and manage activity. With a variety of built-in capabilities, including workflow, collaboration, analytics, reporting, security, multi-currency and multi-language support, 3E is the technology that is helping leading law firms improve efficiency and increase profitability.


As part of the Thomson Reuters Elite enterprise business management solution, 3E is built to provide with what you need to manage all the critical areas of your business.


An investment in next-generation technology is no longer a choice—it’s a competitive necessity. Discover how 3E offers the functionality and power you need to automate workflows, gain visibility, and provide your customers with superior service.


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